Thank you so much Tazeinmirzasaad for nominating me for the ‘Epically Awesome Award Of Epic Awesomeness’. I’ve started blogging  only a year ago . It’s a great honor for me and I accept this award with all gratitude.

The rules say- Tell 10 epic or awesome facts about yourself and nominate 10 bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.

It’s so difficult to define oneself. It will be the others who can define you but no matter how much the world knows about you there are always things that only you know.

Things about myself:

1: I enjoy the moments with my hubby, listening to old melodies until late night.

2: I am empathetic

3: I have a strong intuition and I often commit to listen to my intuitions.

4: I am highly sensitive and emotional .

5: I am optimistic and confident in all that I do.

6: I love reading.

7: I know how to encourage my family and friends, they are truly a part of me.

8:I am happy and content with my life.

9: I love kids ,their smell, to be wrapped up by their soft, tender arms .

10: I love and respect all  religions.

My Nominations:

1: http://rekhadhyani.wordpress.com

2: http://simpliswatij.wordpress.com



5: myindividualinsights.wordpress.com

6: knisha.wordpress.com

7: midnighthues.wordpress.com

8: 28cavalcade.wordpress.com

9: trishadey.wordpress.com

10: dianajuvenille.wordpress.com

I nominate your blog because I have learned a lot from you. It has taught me details about the art of blogging.

Thank you all once again …’Happy Blogging’