News Paper play an important role in ones life. An ordinary person begins his day with these six or seven sheets of paper filled with the daily news and all sorts of happenings around the world. He prefer to pick the  newspaper even before  having   a strong cup of  coffee.  I miss my childhood days. I still remember, during those days , me and my brother used to fight for the sheets . But nowadays I feel reluctant  to read news paper especially in the morning hours. I don’t know,  ‘whether it is worth reading or not ?  ‘ The front page of almost all newspapers are full of bad news . Crime, Molestation, Accidents, Robbery, Terrorism …the list goes on and on….

We  are confronted with the dramatic events of politics and politicians  , their statements with no sincerity in their words and we fools are subject to read it and to believe it or not .  Thank God the choice is  left for us !

Another news may be the price hike in diesel, petrol, gas, milk, rice , vegetables etc etc etc… which an ordinary man fear to face with normal mind.

Another distressing  news front page  capture  would be  the accidents occurring every single hours on our smooth polished roads and the heart breaking images of unfortunate human beings  on loosing their beloveds.

Yet another worst news  which I hate to read  or   to publish in my post ,  are news with titles  “A teacher molested his student” ,   “A  teenager killed his girlfriend” , ” Father raped his daughter”.

Moreover we can’t compel our children to read news paper as there are no news worth reading  and  no role model to point out . To keep them aware of the morals and values we have our history texts.

Anyway there is no scarcity for negative news in this corporate world. But why should we  normal  beings  get  negatively charged by injecting all these poisons to our nerves.  I believe one should begin his day with positive thoughts otherwise his whole day would get spoiled by nervousness, fear and anxiety.

I fear whether our world has become such a worst place to live in with no good news or Are the medias exaggerating the negative news with their own skills?

On  having a habit of being cultivated from years , my hands rush to pick up the news paper in the early hours but all of a sudden I drop it down as I don’t want to be a prey myself  by filling my mind  with negativities.  Anyways I don’t want to spoil my day with negative thoughts!