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Kanikonna ! Casia Fistula

Wishing all my blogger friends a Happy Vishu 🙂

Weekly Writing Prompt #83   Word prompt by

 (5) Words: | THINK | RISE | RHYTHM | FLOAT| FALL |


     The Summer is up and days are bright                                                             Yet she is inexplicably down                                                                                 An intuition of darkness grasps her mind                                                       She fears to think of it everytime                                                                     Desiccation is tightening its grip                                                                       Making life miserable for every beings                                                           Summer dries up all rivers and lakes                                                              Replacing it with meadows and thorns                                                          Creatures run in panic to quench their thirst                                               Trees strive hard to shield the saplings beneath it                                     Chirping birds and squirrels are out  in search of urn                           Which she fills from time to time                                                                     She prays with fingers crossed                                                                         For some showers to fall from high

     A sense of awakening hits her mind                                                                 She waits for the Sun to rise                                                                               The new day dawn                                                                                                  bringing feasts for her eyes                                                                                 Bunches of golden flowers awaits her                                                             With new hopes and dreams                                                                             Umpteen  golden flowers float in the pond                                                   Reminding her of rainbows, peacock feathers                                            and the rhythm of flute                                                                                        The meadows laid with golden carpet                                                            Was a floral reminder of VISHU, a new beginning.  

All rights reserved: Shoba Menon                                                                    Thank you   for the promt

 P.S. I truly believe a kind of telepathy happened yesterday. I wrote and posted this yesterday morning and it rained yesterday evening at my place in Ottapalm 🙂 🙂 🙂

                                   Three Line Tales. 3 Line Tales,  @100words


photo by Caleb Woods via Unsplash

Grandpa and Grandma tried their hardest to feed little Neha but failed miserably. She insisted to see her parents who are now in a parallel universe.  

Twenty years later Neha’s  grandparents insists to see their daughter and everyday she  waits in her terrace for the sound of an aeroplane so as to feed her grandparents.

Every time the age old couples believes her words and waits for the aeroplane carrying their daughter and son-in-law

Shoba Menon.

Written in prompt by Three Line Tales.

Thank you Sonya for running the challenge.


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