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                                         Three Line Tales


Photo by Cathal Mac Bheatha .

Holding his younger sister Anna’s hand , seven year old  John stepped into ‘Top in Town’ bakery to buy  fresh baked meat. 

Within seconds his proud face brimmed with sadness when the coins in his pocket didn’t equalise  the price tag of the meat.

The old lady  running the bakery  packed  two extra baked meat for them as it was now her turn to pay for cherishing the two wonderful expressions in John’s face.

Shoba Menon. All rights reserved.

Written in response to prompt by Three Line Tales

Thank you Sonya for running the challenge.


Woman! la douleur exquise

Her love for him was not a random pick.  It happened eons ago.  A leftover from time immemorial. A love ordained by some supreme power. She was destined to love him without him. Her love for him was as pure as the driven snow. She swam the oceans and travelled through time to reach him. But never once he paused to listen to her beats.  Yet she nurtured it and let it grow. She chose to love him without him. she chose to burn setting herself on fire.

She shared her anguish with the Moon, who was there for her consistently, every night.  The bright rays of Sun was the reminder to never lose hope and life.  At times when heart becomes heavy and drown to the depths of despair , the Sea stood by her showing how to deal with every violent rising tide. When uncontrollable tears flow out the Clouds shows its solidarity by pouring down water. They cherished her weirdness and vulnerability , but he never did.  She buried it deep inside herself where it destroys only her.

She acknowledged the truth that he was never hers and will never be.  All she wanted was a genuine and lasting friendship. But in the midst of having fun with his countless girl friends he didn’t have time and space for her.



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