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Manju Nambiar’s ‘Money Lender’ is a collection of four short stories beautifully depicted through the eyes of a money lender  who lives in Gulf town , a small town in Kerala. Contrary to the general conception that a money lender may be unkind, harsh and rude, the narrator here though runs a business of money lending is very honest , kind- hearted and a compassionate human who dwells into the lives of his clients and finds pleasure in changing it for the good .

I think it’s harder to write something short. The author has won the task in satisfying the readers . I sighed in appreciation many times while reading.
All the stories are a pleasure to read if you are a lover of language.The style is elegant with an ease with dialogue which make these stories flow. I absolutely loved reading the book.



Hi friends

A shout out from my heart . I’m so so sooooo very happy today  🙂 ❤ 


Copy of 36688590_643906475959323_6760800852056735744_nIf you have a relaxed or spontaneous approach towards ‘Time’ , pick your phone, set the time for one hour and start walking. You will realize how precious and valuable each and every  ‘seconds’ are. Your endeavour to reach the target may exhaust you and make you think that the needle in your clock is moving slow.To distract the feeling of weariness while walking, resist the urge of checking the time every five minutes. You can utilize this time to engage in self love. 

Never seek the company of another human while walking as this may end up in useless talks. Solo walking helps to refresh your mental and physical state.

You can use this time to chant your daily prayers.

Look back and evaluate how you spent your whole day. Appreciate yourself for the good things done and if there isn’t anything particular  to point out don’t feel sorry about it. Do whatever it takes to change that to a ‘yes’ tomorrow.

Re-view your schedule for the next day.

You can be happy and thankful to your family and friends for being with you in your good and bad times.

Take your time to cry your heart out for being abandoned by your closest friends despite showering them with all your love. Do this because that’s the only time you get to shed your emotions without any inhibitions.  Accept the hurt gracefully and extend your love and care to them because true love doesn’t blame the loved ones nor does it find faults.  If it does then question your love.

Recognize fake friends who talk behind your back and uses you when in need.  Remind you to stay away from them.

Recite the songs or poems you love the most.

If there is still time left to reach the target take some time to laugh at the jokes and memes you watched in  facebook.

Let all your thoughts flow spontaneously without giving them a fixed time. Check the time taken by each session of your thoughts then you’ll know which one matters you the most.

Finally end the target with a great smile 🙂


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She met him almost every night or at the crack of dawn in her dreams.

She longed for a blissful moment ,to be with him, holding his hands and dancing in the moonlight.

But he was rude to her even in her dreams.

Thank you Sonya for the prompt.

You’ll find full guidelines on the TLT page – here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt (& give them a title if possible).
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Insight !

IMG_20160523_120516Sometimes it’s the comments underneath

that gives more insight than the ‘QUOTES’

Shoba Menon.

Vishu Kani :)





Kanikonna ! Casia Fistula

Wishing all my blogger friends a Happy Vishu 🙂

Weekly Writing Prompt #83   Word prompt by

 (5) Words: | THINK | RISE | RHYTHM | FLOAT| FALL |


     The Summer is up and days are bright                                                             Yet she is inexplicably down                                                                                 An intuition of darkness grasps her mind                                                       She fears to think of it everytime                                                                     Desiccation is tightening its grip                                                                       Making life miserable for every beings                                                           Summer dries up all rivers and lakes                                                              Replacing it with meadows and thorns                                                          Creatures run in panic to quench their thirst                                               Trees strive hard to shield the saplings beneath it                                     Chirping birds and squirrels are out  in search of urn                           Which she fills from time to time                                                                     She prays with fingers crossed                                                                         For some showers to fall from high

     A sense of awakening hits her mind                                                                 She waits for the Sun to rise                                                                               The new day dawn                                                                                                  bringing feasts for her eyes                                                                                 Bunches of golden flowers awaits her                                                             With new hopes and dreams                                                                             Umpteen  golden flowers float in the pond                                                   Reminding her of rainbows, peacock feathers                                            and the rhythm of flute                                                                                        The meadows laid with golden carpet                                                            Was a floral reminder of VISHU, a new beginning.  

All rights reserved: Shoba Menon                                                                    Thank you   for the promt

 P.S. I truly believe a kind of telepathy happened yesterday. I wrote and posted this yesterday morning and it rained yesterday evening at my place in Ottapalm 🙂 🙂 🙂

                                   Three Line Tales. 3 Line Tales,  @100words


photo by Caleb Woods via Unsplash

Grandpa and Grandma tried their hardest to feed little Neha but failed miserably. She insisted to see her parents who are now in a parallel universe.  

Twenty years later Neha’s  grandparents insists to see their daughter and everyday she  waits in her terrace for the sound of an aeroplane so as to feed her grandparents.

Every time the age old couples believes her words and waits for the aeroplane carrying their daughter and son-in-law

Shoba Menon.

Written in prompt by Three Line Tales.

Thank you Sonya for running the challenge.

                                         Three Line Tales


Photo by Cathal Mac Bheatha .

Holding his younger sister Anna’s hand , seven year old  John stepped into ‘Top in Town’ bakery to buy  fresh baked meat. 

Within seconds his proud face brimmed with sadness when the coins in his pocket didn’t equalise  the price tag of the meat.

The old lady  running the bakery  packed  two extra baked meat for them as it was now her turn to pay for cherishing the two wonderful expressions in John’s face.

Shoba Menon. All rights reserved.

Written in response to prompt by Three Line Tales

Thank you Sonya for running the challenge.

Woman! la douleur exquise

Her love for him was not a random pick.  It happened eons ago.  A leftover from time immemorial. A love ordained by some supreme power. She was destined to love him without him. Her love for him was as pure as the driven snow. She swam the oceans and travelled through time to reach him. But never once he paused to listen to her beats.  Yet she nurtured it and let it grow. She chose to love him without him. she chose to burn setting herself on fire.

She shared her anguish with the Moon, who was there for her consistently, every night.  The bright rays of Sun was the reminder to never lose hope and life.  At times when heart becomes heavy and drown to the depths of despair , the Sea stood by her showing how to deal with every violent rising tide. When uncontrollable tears flow out the Clouds shows its solidarity by pouring down water. They cherished her weirdness and vulnerability , but he never did.  She buried it deep inside herself where it destroys only her.

She acknowledged the truth that he was never hers and will never be.  All she wanted was a genuine and lasting friendship. But in the midst of having fun with his countless girl friends he didn’t have time and space for her.


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