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Eclipse !

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PC thealchemistspottery 

Wandering alone in twilight
Ears longing for lullabies
Light of the day
wrapped in gold , gleams
and is all prepared to sink in the blue

The galaxies collide and ignites the stars
The half grey moon carries the abyss of emptiness
Slowly the darkness engulfs the heart and mind
Yet another illumination seems far away
and it’s all beyond control
Is it the eclipse that causes ripples in the brain and mind ?

But then the light shines bright again
bringing hopes of silver lining
The cheeks are wet again but this time
it was the gush of contentment


Saudade !

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This post isn’t about any particular places I visited. This is about how to include walking as a way of travelling and how great it would be. This is about how I made a journey amazing to a long awaiting dream spot I wanted to visit. I love to travel by foot. One great thing about walking is that you get to see everything you pass. You will get to know what everyday life in the place is like which you will miss when you travel using vehicles . For that matter walking is just perfect. Travelling by foot will make you fit. It can work as a great stress reliever. It will get you to experience a completely different rhythm where you can get rid of the virtual world and start to notice every small things in real. Most importantly it will help you save a lot of pennies. So never ever lose your desire of walking.

The spot I wanted to visit was Auroville in Pondicherri.

Son had to attend an interview in Pondicherri. I decided to accompany him so that I could fulfill my dream of visiting Auroville . Husband couldn’t come as was busy with his works. We booked a Wolwo bus from Palakkad..The very next morning they dropped us at Pondicherri bus stand.. The hotel we booked was only 200 meters away from the bus stand.. But the auto driver charged Rs 100 . Hence we didn’t depend auto rickshaws for further travel . With the help of google map we walked to all places we intented to visit. The office where he had to attend the interview was only one and half kilometers away… After that we visited Aurobhindo Ashram.. Then visited the beach…all by walking….All these places were two to three kilometers around.. We walked every nook and corner of various streets, roads etc….It was an AWESOME experience. The next day we planned to visit Auroville.. So we checked out of the hotel in the morning itself. The receptionist at the hotel said that there is a bus stop in front of the hotel where we can catch a bus to Auroville. From Auroville bus stop we have to travel 10 kilometers inwards to reach the destination spot. Local buses aren’t available so we have to catch auto rickshaw or any other private vehicles. Motor bikes are also available for rent. If you have enough time with you you can walk this 10 kilometers up and down. The auto driver charged 200 Rs for 10 kilometer . After visiting all the sites we took another auto to Auroville bus stop but this man charged Rs 150 only. So we need to negotiate while taking rickshaws . We reached Auroville bus stop at sharp 4 pm. There are lots of buses that runs every 5 minutes from Auroville to Pondicherri. The bus charge costs only 10 Rs per person. It took only twenty minutes to reach Pondicherri. We had enough time with us as the train we booked back to Kerala was at 2 am from Villupram station. So we walked to the beach which was about two kilometers away, spent few more hours at the beach and managed to reach the Pondicherri railway station by walking which was about one kilometer away..In short we did lots and lots of walking . From Pondicherri you’ll get a connection train to Villupuram. The only boring thing we had to face was that we had to spend 4 long hours at the Villupuram railway station as our train to Kerala was at 2 am.

And if you want to know about Auroville , please watch the following video. It explains well.





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An Onion a day keeps the wallet eat away !

Shoba Menon. 


Betrayal !

The Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP)


This is in response to Shweta’s six word story prompt:  ‘Betrayal’


Ghosting is somewhat equivalent  to betrayal !

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A link to Shweta’s prompt


The saddest thing in the world is the cruelty towards children and the biggest curse is nothing can be done to end it .  A short scribbling as a protest .

Mom , weep as much as you want. I know it may not fill the void in your life . But certainly it may save your heart from splitting into bits. I know the feeling of nothingness is hard to bear and it’s difficult to mend the broken heart. But know that I’m safe here. I’m fearless and powerful. I don’t have to bother about the dress I wear. I can sit , play , dance and sleep wherever I want . No one here stares at me with seductive eyes. I can sleep without any fear of unwanted massages from any creepy uncles.. The slithering fingers all over my body will no longer tighten my muscles . You know it was toxic and reached straight down to the cells. The panic it brings is unfathomable. Here I’ve umpteen kids as friends from all religion . Be happy that here I can live free. No one here will touch my freedom. And above all no one will discriminate us in the name of religion.
Shoba Menon.


Eternal flight !

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Never wait for the breeze to settle. Look at the Sun it shines for you. Don’t let your inner chaos to gobble your zeal. Let the wings to flutter with every ease . So much space is left for you between  pure Sky and the open Sea. Treasure the eternal gifts of nature.  The ocean in your eyes is the path for you. The scattered Stars will align to pave the way for you.  The Moon has taught you how to shine in half . Affirm the world that you are still alive.

Shoba Menon.



Intuition !

  “It’s all your illusions”, he said.

” I would rather interpret it as intuition or my sixth sense”,      she sighed.

                                           Shoba Menon.

Pathos of a home maker

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To all women out there. Work continuously for 20 hours a day without a break. Spare three hours for sleep and one hour for shower and your personal purposes. Do not use facebook or whatsapp in between . Still it would be impossible for you to claim for 100 % perfectionism.

Shoba Menon.


-Radiate Positivity

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