I believe God Almighty and always remember and worship HIM or HER deep in my mind in the form of ‘Krishna’,  ‘Shiva’, ‘ Ganapathi’, ‘Devi Mookambika’ ,  ‘ Chinakkathur Amma’ , ” Cherukunnathukavil Amma’  and so on..’.Jesus Christ’  also appears in my prayers. Though they are all one,  I used to remind each of them constantly all along my routine works, but not was in a habbit of frequently visiting temples as my meditation rarely works in the midst of crowded pollution. I have always believed that  being  honest to ourself  and without doing any harm to others, physically or emotionally, we can hold the Almighty’s hands with much confidence.

One favourite vaccation spot for me is Mookambika temple in Kollur, Karnataka. There I could easily  find many quiet and green spots where I could sit for hours and meditate. I could notice that my chantings and my thoughts would effortlessly lock  into the same rhythm of the winds, the woods, and the streams and rivulets gently meandering down the slopes. I would feel one with nature.

Once, I had a strange experience or a strange dream, which I could still recollect with every emotions or feelings, I had at that time.

At the end of a day, when I approach my bed, I’ve always felt that  I was fortunate enough to get into deep sleep without any hindrance. I used to see nightmares, but those dosen’t last long and vanishes from my mind,  the next day itself.

It was an ordinary night . As usual, after all my routine works I approached my bed to get disappeared myself  from all my senses. My husband beside me was already in deep sleep and I  too  followed his path.  It was almost before the crack of dawn , I found myself sitting in my bed and weeping bitterly with tears flowing constantly through both my cheeks.  My whole body was shivering .  My husband beside me got startled on seeing me, out of control.  He shook both my shoulders and wondered what had happened with me. I struggled for words but couldn’t speak anything at that moment as it took hours for me to realise that I was in a dream.

I was standing in an edge of a tranquil  field of   ‘CHINAKKATHUR KAVU’ ‘  a  famous temple near to our house. It was before the crack of dawn .  I paused in admire.  There in the field,  a few yards from me,  a  form of  a  DEVI or AMMA  dressed up in red clothes with crown on her head and anklets on her ankles came walking in procession, followed by many devotees. After having her bath in the holy pond of CHINAKKATHUR KAVU ‘ SHE’  was proceeding towards the temple. I couldn’t believe my senses. Yes, SHE was DEVI MOOKAMBIKA.  My whole body began shivering and by folding both my hands , I kept my eyes wide open to seek a glance of  THE DIVINE MOTHER.  Almost hidden behind a throng of diciples, I could barely see DEVI.  As my silent devotional prayer grew in intensity , SHE  looked at me and beckoned me to approach. The others made a way for me.  I bowed at her sacred feet with intense gratitude. My heart leaped with joy and tears flowed constantly, on extreme ecstasy. The hypnotic effects of  music created a divine atmosphere. It was almost like locking into the true  rhythm of the universe.

I can’t still believe , SHE  placed her hands in my forehead and asked, ” Do you want to see KRISHNA ?”  I shook my head in utter joy  and SHE pointed her fingers to the field . It was still dark in the field but I did see a rainbow, circled the ground three times and I found a cute little  baby of five or six months , laying nudely on the ground.  I stared at it and  Yes, Yes I saw it was’ LORD KRISHNA ‘ in the form of ‘BALAMURALIKRISHNA ‘  laying on the ground of CHNAKKATHUR Parambu (field).  Within seconds the baby vanished from my sight and I saw DEVI , followed by her devotees proceeding towards the  CHINAKKATHUR KAVU.  I ran behind them with folded hands and saw DEVI entering the innermost Kovil of the temple. I saw devotees sitting on both sides, with folded hands, chanting  prayers in the same rhythm. I sat beside them with folded hands and began singing the devotional song which I used to chant in my prayers. I haven’t  prayed or sung with such extreme emotion ever in my real life. Suddenly I opened my eyes and found myself sitting in my bed unable to control the extreme emotions.  It took hours for me to realise that it was all a dream. Though it was a dream I felt blessed myself  for giving me the joy and ecstasy, I haven’t experienced in my life ever before. !