Hi friends,

Its almost two  months , I haven’t done any creation or visited my friends blogs . I’m back again and my first charge is to put my imprints on every plot of my community.

Recently I happened to watch a  talk show based on ‘Women’s Right’ on one of our television channels. Both men and women participated in the show. Within moments the show seemed like a battle rather than an open discussion. Most of the women showed a tendency to attack all the men sitting before them by  assaulting, abusing , harassing , raising their voice, almost like screaming .Their appearance looked extremely horrible due to their behavioural presentation. It was noteworthy that young girls between the age group of 18 -25 who participated in the show followed the same trait of other women. Though dressed in modern outfittings , their face and eyes seemed furious , raising their voice in an attempt to dominate any male who tried to oppose them. Rather than an open discussion for their needs they enjoyed the satisfaction of winning a battle by not allowing the male to utter a single word. However they spoiled the entire show by giving it a resemblance of a fish market.

Is this the way to take part in a debate? Isn’t there a term called Modesty? Is this the way to claim for the ‘Right’?

What’s happening to these young girls, whose heart and mind have to be occupied with sweet dreams and ambitions in this very young age, presenting themselves as dreadful figures.

I wondered for a moment , if this is their womanly behavior in the public what would be the condition behind the closed doors of their house?

What kind of peace would be their family enjoying? What kind of  ‘Right’ are they claiming for?

Woman is one of the most wonderful creation of God. The feminine touch in her adds the beauty of her appearance. I fear, whether todays women are in a bridge of losing their femininity in the name of these ‘Rights’?

Femininity to a woman is a feeling that comes from within- a happiness, a confidence that spreads warmth to her heart. Its the caring she lovingly gives and the passion that she shows. Grace makes a woman feminine and  yes  motherhood also makes her be so.  Its not something you learn from a subscribed magazine or buy at a mall.

In the past women have been generally regarded inferior to men.  In our tradition, those days woman never sit before her elders , she never dine before feeding her family, never raise her voice even for her utmost needs, but she enjoyed her life by holding her family close to her heart . It had its own beauty. women those days created a wonderful chemistry between her and her husband by being a pillar of strength , when her partner is in dire straits.

Both men and women are created by God. They have the same body senses and parts. They are skillful, talented and brilliant in different field of interest. Both have leadership, ability and capability. Men and women feels pain especially in times of trial. They both have good and bad manners . They both aim to have good future and expect to get marry. Men is physically strong but weak in emotion. Women have the ability to endure the highest level of emotional pain yet they are the first to breakdown when they are hurt emotionally. Men talks few but women says a lot. Woman is the reason why there is man. Furthermore, one does not exist without the other.

However its not fair to assess every men with the same view. There are men who consider woman as his most precious jewel. The male species will stick with her through hell or high water. He will knock on the doors of the gates of hell and risk all that he loves to rescue his queen .

Women wants the freedom to express her darkest feelings and her unresolved disputes.There is necessity for women to keep fighting for legal rights but the old radical feminist approach ,which suggest that ,   ” Women should dominate men” will be destructive for the family and the society . It has been well documented that wives assault husbands at the same rate as husbands assault wives.

A worthy women will be more concerned with her deserving rights rather than being an extreme feminist. Nobody can stop her from being ‘ Great’ unless she resolves to do so. If she acts as a queen even kings have to obey.