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A short trip to Delhi. As the trip was arranged immediately after Onam ( a festival celebrated by the people of Kerala), didn’t get enough time to plan new destination spots.   Anyway the outcome of the trip was awesome 🙂 .

Quite often we just need to find ways to recharge our mind and soul. A place to jot down some reflections.

The world is so wide and beautiful. The lure of visiting new places is always great. There are some places that grew on me and I can’t get out of my head. Of all the places I’ve been,   (in Delhi) , that have stayed with me more than others is Akshardham , a  temple of Swaminarayan .  I’m completely infatuated with this place. Its about how it makes you feel. It has been a wonderful , divine ,spiritual experience for me. The silence and blissfulness has been an incredible experience. I love  this place and dream about going back  so that I can restore and revive the spirit . That’s how Akshardham made me feel 🙂


Swaminarayan Akshardham in New Delhi represents Pramukh Swami Maharaj’s unparalleled devotion to Bhagwan Swaminarayan and fulfils Brahmaswarup Yogiji Maharaj’s long-cherished wish for such a tribute to Bhagwan Swaminarayan in the nation’s capital.



In spite of India’s mosaic of cultures, languages, boundaries and human features, its spirituality pervades from north to south and east to west . Together with Swaminarayan , the other deities of Sanathan Dharma, namely, Shri Radha-Krishna, Shri Ram-Sita, Shri Lakshmi-Narayan  and Shri Shiv-Parvati are also enshrined at Swaminarayan Akshardham. Their divine presence inspires faith, devotion and values.

        The other features of this temple are :

1:     THE TEN GATES –    Representing the ten directions , symbolizing freedom of thought in Sanatan Dharma as revealed  in  Rig Veda,  “Let noble thoughts come to us from all sides.”

2:   THE BHAKTI DWAR –    The Bhakti Dwar celebrates  the Indian tradition of devotion with 208 sculpted dual forms of  God  and  His ideal Devotee.

3:    MAYUR DWAR-   The two Mayur Dwars (Peacock Gates) pay tribute to the joy and beauty peacocks contribute to  nature.  A total of 869 stone peacocks in different shapes and sizes adorn each of the beautiful gates.


5:      GAJENDRA PEETH-       A fascinating 1,070  ft long pageant of elephants in stone . It portrays elephants with nature,  man and God, reflecting the message of peaceful coexistence , love faith effort, courage and service. 

6:        MANDOVAR-    The ornate external wall of the Swaminarayan Akshadham is known as Mandovar. It features  200 sculptured stone figures of India’s great rishis, sadhus, devotees, acharyas and avatars.

7:         NARAYAN SAROVAR –         Narayan Sarovar surrounds the Akshardham Monument . The sacred waters of 151  rivers  and lakes of India flow from 108 gaumukhs  into the Narayan Sarovar, creating an ambience of a place of   pilgrimage.                    

8:        ABHISHEK MURTI-    Visitors perform abhishek of the murti of Neelkanth Varni with the holy waters of river Ganga   in the Abhishek Mandapam, and pray for spiritual progress, peace and fulfilment of wishes.


10:       HALL OF VALUES-   Exhibition Hall 1-       The Hall of Values , also known as Sahajanand Dharshan, showcases the  values of ahimsa ,courage, endeavour, service , honesty and faith from the life of Bhagwan Swaminarayan through  filims, light and sound shows and audio-animatronics.

11:         LARGE  FORMAT FILM THEATRE-    Neelkanth Yatra-  a superb award- winning  large format period film on the  amazing 12,000 km   journey  throughout India of Neelkanth Varni, an 11 -year- old   child yogi.

12:        CULTURAL BOAT RIDE –   Exhibition Hall 2-   The spectacular 14- minute boat ride exhibition shows more than   10,000 years of India’s ancient culture and contributions to the world.  Sail through Takshashila- the world’s first  university. And also learn about the seminal discoveries and inventions of India’s ancient rishi-scientists in the fields of education, medicine, astronomy, mathematics, aeronautics, music, dance atr, architecture  and much more.


14:         FOOD COURT AND SOUVENIR SHOP-         Premavati Food Court serves pure vegetarian delicacies and  snacks. The                restaurant has a cultural decor, serving north and south Indian favourites, and savoury Gujarati items like  Swaminarayan khichdi , khamam etc.

                Akshar Haat, the souvenir shop, offers an attractive range of gift items on Swaminarayan Akshardham.

Private photography is strictly prohibited inside the temple.











Thank you so much Tazeinmirzasaad for nominating me for the ‘Epically Awesome Award Of Epic Awesomeness’. I’ve started blogging  only a year ago . It’s a great honor for me and I accept this award with all gratitude.

The rules say- Tell 10 epic or awesome facts about yourself and nominate 10 bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.

It’s so difficult to define oneself. It will be the others who can define you but no matter how much the world knows about you there are always things that only you know.

Things about myself:

1: I enjoy the moments with my hubby, listening to old melodies until late night.

2: I am empathetic

3: I have a strong intuition and I often commit to listen to my intuitions.

4: I am highly sensitive and emotional .

5: I am optimistic and confident in all that I do.

6: I love reading.

7: I know how to encourage my family and friends, they are truly a part of me.

8:I am happy and content with my life.

9: I love kids ,their smell, to be wrapped up by their soft, tender arms .

10: I love and respect all  religions.

My Nominations:









I nominate your blog because I have learned a lot from you. It has taught me details about the art of blogging.

Thank you all once again …’Happy Blogging’


A Picture  is a poem without words. Some pictures have a deeper and hidden meaning. Every viewer would have his own meaning according to his own thoughts and imaginations. This picture reminds me of a beautiful poem . I stumbled upon this poem a couple of years ago and I truly loved it ever since. It can touch ones soul with profound emotions. I believe ,this poem perfectly fits into the description of this picture.


She, the river,

said to him, the sea;

All my life

I’ve been dissolving myself

and flowing towards you

for your sake in the end it was I

who turned into the sea

a woman’s gift

is as large as the sky

but you went on

worshiping yourself

You never thought 

of becoming a river

and merging with me.  


Please click on the picture to see the graphic working.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



Hi friends,

Its almost two  months , I haven’t done any creation or visited my friends blogs . I’m back again and my first charge is to put my imprints on every plot of my community.

Recently I happened to watch a  talk show based on ‘Women’s Right’ on one of our television channels. Both men and women participated in the show. Within moments the show seemed like a battle rather than an open discussion. Most of the women showed a tendency to attack all the men sitting before them by  assaulting, abusing , harassing , raising their voice, almost like screaming .Their appearance looked extremely horrible due to their behavioural presentation. It was noteworthy that young girls between the age group of 18 -25 who participated in the show followed the same trait of other women. Though dressed in modern outfittings , their face and eyes seemed furious , raising their voice in an attempt to dominate any male who tried to oppose them. Rather than an open discussion for their needs they enjoyed the satisfaction of winning a battle by not allowing the male to utter a single word. However they spoiled the entire show by giving it a resemblance of a fish market.

Is this the way to take part in a debate? Isn’t there a term called Modesty? Is this the way to claim for the ‘Right’?

What’s happening to these young girls, whose heart and mind have to be occupied with sweet dreams and ambitions in this very young age, presenting themselves as dreadful figures.

I wondered for a moment , if this is their womanly behavior in the public what would be the condition behind the closed doors of their house?

What kind of peace would be their family enjoying? What kind of  ‘Right’ are they claiming for?

Woman is one of the most wonderful creation of God. The feminine touch in her adds the beauty of her appearance. I fear, whether todays women are in a bridge of losing their femininity in the name of these ‘Rights’?

Femininity to a woman is a feeling that comes from within- a happiness, a confidence that spreads warmth to her heart. Its the caring she lovingly gives and the passion that she shows. Grace makes a woman feminine and  yes  motherhood also makes her be so.  Its not something you learn from a subscribed magazine or buy at a mall.

In the past women have been generally regarded inferior to men.  In our tradition, those days woman never sit before her elders , she never dine before feeding her family, never raise her voice even for her utmost needs, but she enjoyed her life by holding her family close to her heart . It had its own beauty. women those days created a wonderful chemistry between her and her husband by being a pillar of strength , when her partner is in dire straits.

Both men and women are created by God. They have the same body senses and parts. They are skillful, talented and brilliant in different field of interest. Both have leadership, ability and capability. Men and women feels pain especially in times of trial. They both have good and bad manners . They both aim to have good future and expect to get marry. Men is physically strong but weak in emotion. Women have the ability to endure the highest level of emotional pain yet they are the first to breakdown when they are hurt emotionally. Men talks few but women says a lot. Woman is the reason why there is man. Furthermore, one does not exist without the other.

However its not fair to assess every men with the same view. There are men who consider woman as his most precious jewel. The male species will stick with her through hell or high water. He will knock on the doors of the gates of hell and risk all that he loves to rescue his queen .

Women wants the freedom to express her darkest feelings and her unresolved disputes.There is necessity for women to keep fighting for legal rights but the old radical feminist approach ,which suggest that ,   ” Women should dominate men” will be destructive for the family and the society . It has been well documented that wives assault husbands at the same rate as husbands assault wives.

A worthy women will be more concerned with her deserving rights rather than being an extreme feminist. Nobody can stop her from being ‘ Great’ unless she resolves to do so. If she acts as a queen even kings have to obey.


Its high time to wish all my good friends in this beautiful world of blogging and to write something on resolutions for the year ahead. Sorry for the delay.

Beginning of 2012 was much inspiring and great resolutions were made by me and my husband, by setting a goal of reading  25 books,  within  12 months of the year. I started with much enthusiasm by collecting few books written by some of my favorite authors , but somewhere in the middle of the year I lost my route towards the goal. I had to give up my resolutions in the half way itself, by reading only four books , due to some personal reasons.  Some sort of misunderstanding occurred to a friend whom I count very close .  Ever  since I couldn’t turn  even a page of the books which I collected with much expectation. However I have no regrets, the four books which I read in the beginning of  last year were worth reading,  for a whole life time. My husband successfully reached his destination spot by reading 27 books , a bit more than the given target.

Of course 2012 was not a bad year, though. Family and relatives were of  great support. Its a great experience to be a part in the happiness and sorrows of all our dear and near ones. 

Another achievement of 2012 was my entry to this  beautiful world of blogging where I could explore new areas of thoughts and visions.    I am grateful beyond words,  that I did find my own space to share my thoughts and views, to reach out to people made up of every sort of personality, nearly every nationality and  a group bound together by similar visions.

This year, without much expectations and promises, started New Year as a normal day.  Of course, I feel like I need to get up and start moving on.  I mean, it is, but with no resolutions, no promises, only hope , thats all.

I have come up to reading again. I have gone many months without picking up a book, but now I can’t put one down.  I went on for too long never realizing that I had a  choice in matters and then I ended up stuck in a situation that brought a lot of discomfort.

We are all blessed in many ways, we just need to focus on positives, rather than negatives.

Right now I have chosen a book,  an  intriguing  pilgrim travelogue, ‘ DEVABHOOMIYILUDE  ‘ written by M. K. Ramachandran . The pilgrim spot is MOUNT KAILASH , a mountain in the Kinnaur district of the Indian state, Himachal Pradesh.  MOUNT KAILASH  of Kinnaur……. in mythology ,considered to be the winter abode of Lord Shiva.  The natural LINGAM  is 98 ft high and never covered with snow even when the entire mountains surrounding it have 30-40 ft snow in winters. Sun sets opposite to this mountain. The Kinnaur Kailash has a height of 6500 meters and is considered as sacred by both Hindus and Bhuddist.  One of my greatest wish is to ascend this pilgrim spot , atleast once in this life time.

Once again I wish all my friends a beautiful year ahead ! 


I am here again to spread some more notes on positive thoughts !

All of us feel shattered by events at times, but the disciplined among us not only cope, they also emerge stronger.  The positive emotions generated in us are easy to  live with and are more than welcome but the negative ones are hard to endure. While human beings are capable of deep and varying emotions, they are also mercifully blessed with the power to think.  And it is this rational part of the mind which can help to undo the damage that our emotions can do to us.

In the words of Shekspheare,  ‘There is nothing good or badbut thinking makes it so.’  This well known saying might seem very simplistic, but it is a fact that behind every emotion there is always a thought, even though we might not be consciously aware of it.  And since we can control our thoughts, the practice of thinking positively is worth cultivating. 

In other words,  we can change a disturbing emotion to a pleasant one by changing our thoughts. For example,  imagine that you are walking down a road and see a friend at the other end.  You realise that the friend has spotted you. You wave out to her but he or she takes no notice of you. The negative thought will be that he or  she has deliberately ignored you and you will experience a feeling of rejection and hurt.

But you can try to think differently by telling yourself that may be, she is preoccupied with some disturbing problem of her own and has not really noticed you.  Not only will you not feel hurt and rejected,  but you may even feel sympathy for her.

It is important to realise at the outset that while we may try to change others according to our likes and dislikes, we are unlikely to succeed. The only person we can really change is ourself,  and this change we can achieve by altering our attitudes to people and circumstances.

Anger, for instance,  is thoroughly negative emotion . Of course,  it is normal for us to feel angry sometimes,  because we are not saints but are imperfect human beings.  But one often regrets the expression of angry feelings, especially if they are impulsive.  So calm appraisal of the situation can be made which might dull the sharpness of our angry feelings, as we look at both sides of the problem.

Anger is the price we pay for someone ele’s mistakes!  Our angry feelings harm only us ( both  mentally and physically) because the target of our anger is not even aware of these destructive emotions and remains unaffected.

Another emotion that is built into us is anxiety. We find ourselves worrying  about  day-to-day things which we must do and have not done.  Worry, in fact, can help us to be real achievers. But worry can also be destructive.

We imagine the worst when it comes to matters relating to our spouses, our children or to whom we care the most. Worrying about something is far worse than the thing itself,  for our worry feeds on our imagination . Also, constant worry depletes our emotional and physical energy so that when we are faced with a major problem, we cannot cope with it as well as we could have, if we had not used up so much of our energy earlier.

When confronted with a problem that might seem insurmountable, we can distract ourselves by turning our minds to something else. Creative activities like writing or reading, especially if they are already hobbies , can be taken up at such times.

No wonder, social work has been reffered to by someone as “selfish altruism,” which may seem a contradiction in terms. We have to live with our emotions , both positive and negative, but we can nurture the positive ones while minimising the effect of the destructive ones. The extent to which we can do this will ultimately decide how well adjusted or otherwise we might be.  Our happiness or unhappiness in life will  depend largely on our ability to control our emotions by tempering them without reason!


News Paper play an important role in ones life. An ordinary person begins his day with these six or seven sheets of paper filled with the daily news and all sorts of happenings around the world. He prefer to pick the  newspaper even before  having   a strong cup of  coffee.  I miss my childhood days. I still remember, during those days , me and my brother used to fight for the sheets . But nowadays I feel reluctant  to read news paper especially in the morning hours. I don’t know,  ‘whether it is worth reading or not ?  ‘ The front page of almost all newspapers are full of bad news . Crime, Molestation, Accidents, Robbery, Terrorism …the list goes on and on….

We  are confronted with the dramatic events of politics and politicians  , their statements with no sincerity in their words and we fools are subject to read it and to believe it or not .  Thank God the choice is  left for us !

Another news may be the price hike in diesel, petrol, gas, milk, rice , vegetables etc etc etc… which an ordinary man fear to face with normal mind.

Another distressing  news front page  capture  would be  the accidents occurring every single hours on our smooth polished roads and the heart breaking images of unfortunate human beings  on loosing their beloveds.

Yet another worst news  which I hate to read  or   to publish in my post ,  are news with titles  “A teacher molested his student” ,   “A  teenager killed his girlfriend” , ” Father raped his daughter”.

Moreover we can’t compel our children to read news paper as there are no news worth reading  and  no role model to point out . To keep them aware of the morals and values we have our history texts.

Anyway there is no scarcity for negative news in this corporate world. But why should we  normal  beings  get  negatively charged by injecting all these poisons to our nerves.  I believe one should begin his day with positive thoughts otherwise his whole day would get spoiled by nervousness, fear and anxiety.

I fear whether our world has become such a worst place to live in with no good news or Are the medias exaggerating the negative news with their own skills?

On  having a habit of being cultivated from years , my hands rush to pick up the news paper in the early hours but all of a sudden I drop it down as I don’t want to be a prey myself  by filling my mind  with negativities.  Anyways I don’t want to spoil my day with negative thoughts!


I believe God Almighty and always remember and worship HIM or HER deep in my mind in the form of ‘Krishna’,  ‘Shiva’, ‘ Ganapathi’, ‘Devi Mookambika’ ,  ‘ Chinakkathur Amma’ , ” Cherukunnathukavil Amma’  and so on..’.Jesus Christ’  also appears in my prayers. Though they are all one,  I used to remind each of them constantly all along my routine works, but not was in a habbit of frequently visiting temples as my meditation rarely works in the midst of crowded pollution. I have always believed that  being  honest to ourself  and without doing any harm to others, physically or emotionally, we can hold the Almighty’s hands with much confidence.

One favourite vaccation spot for me is Mookambika temple in Kollur, Karnataka. There I could easily  find many quiet and green spots where I could sit for hours and meditate. I could notice that my chantings and my thoughts would effortlessly lock  into the same rhythm of the winds, the woods, and the streams and rivulets gently meandering down the slopes. I would feel one with nature.

Once, I had a strange experience or a strange dream, which I could still recollect with every emotions or feelings, I had at that time.

At the end of a day, when I approach my bed, I’ve always felt that  I was fortunate enough to get into deep sleep without any hindrance. I used to see nightmares, but those dosen’t last long and vanishes from my mind,  the next day itself.

It was an ordinary night . As usual, after all my routine works I approached my bed to get disappeared myself  from all my senses. My husband beside me was already in deep sleep and I  too  followed his path.  It was almost before the crack of dawn , I found myself sitting in my bed and weeping bitterly with tears flowing constantly through both my cheeks.  My whole body was shivering .  My husband beside me got startled on seeing me, out of control.  He shook both my shoulders and wondered what had happened with me. I struggled for words but couldn’t speak anything at that moment as it took hours for me to realise that I was in a dream.

I was standing in an edge of a tranquil  field of   ‘CHINAKKATHUR KAVU’ ‘  a  famous temple near to our house. It was before the crack of dawn .  I paused in admire.  There in the field,  a few yards from me,  a  form of  a  DEVI or AMMA  dressed up in red clothes with crown on her head and anklets on her ankles came walking in procession, followed by many devotees. After having her bath in the holy pond of CHINAKKATHUR KAVU ‘ SHE’  was proceeding towards the temple. I couldn’t believe my senses. Yes, SHE was DEVI MOOKAMBIKA.  My whole body began shivering and by folding both my hands , I kept my eyes wide open to seek a glance of  THE DIVINE MOTHER.  Almost hidden behind a throng of diciples, I could barely see DEVI.  As my silent devotional prayer grew in intensity , SHE  looked at me and beckoned me to approach. The others made a way for me.  I bowed at her sacred feet with intense gratitude. My heart leaped with joy and tears flowed constantly, on extreme ecstasy. The hypnotic effects of  music created a divine atmosphere. It was almost like locking into the true  rhythm of the universe.

I can’t still believe , SHE  placed her hands in my forehead and asked, ” Do you want to see KRISHNA ?”  I shook my head in utter joy  and SHE pointed her fingers to the field . It was still dark in the field but I did see a rainbow, circled the ground three times and I found a cute little  baby of five or six months , laying nudely on the ground.  I stared at it and  Yes, Yes I saw it was’ LORD KRISHNA ‘ in the form of ‘BALAMURALIKRISHNA ‘  laying on the ground of CHNAKKATHUR Parambu (field).  Within seconds the baby vanished from my sight and I saw DEVI , followed by her devotees proceeding towards the  CHINAKKATHUR KAVU.  I ran behind them with folded hands and saw DEVI entering the innermost Kovil of the temple. I saw devotees sitting on both sides, with folded hands, chanting  prayers in the same rhythm. I sat beside them with folded hands and began singing the devotional song which I used to chant in my prayers. I haven’t  prayed or sung with such extreme emotion ever in my real life. Suddenly I opened my eyes and found myself sitting in my bed unable to control the extreme emotions.  It took hours for me to realise that it was all a dream. Though it was a dream I felt blessed myself  for giving me the joy and ecstasy, I haven’t experienced in my life ever before. !


After a week of long hectic work, running after my beloveds, caring them , feasting them with delicious food, helping kids in their learning, doing their laundary, cleaning all the nook and corner of our den  , driving to the market to buy fresh vegetables, I long, long for a day ,a day for myself

Rarely I used to get a day for me, to escape from all my househod works, to get lost in my own thoughts, to stand before the mirror to love at my own reflection, to take my pen and scribble some words of my mind, to play some songs with my cute little violin, to chat with some friends of mine or to walk through the pavement all alone feeling the bliss around me , yes a day to spend with all my wild fantasies.

It’s Friday, my beloved’s were away from me with their own special works, leaving me alone to spend a day as I wish.

Birds are starting to fly all about and it’s morning. I woke up and put on the coffee and sat bedraggled next to the window. All the leaves have appeared on the branches. They are spring green. The ivy, curiously, already has yellow leaves- it contains within itself a souvereign   of its decay. The sun slants down at this early hour, in this still rainy day. Half of the tree is brilliantly illuminated, the other half is dark green.

The sun slants down a little more outside. I opened my cupboard, took out the beautiful linen dress, I loved the most, given by someone dear, when I turned to twenty two. The fabric, appeared as a sack before me with wild haunting colours, an art work done by an eccentric painter. I threw the dress to the corner of my room and moved to the mirror, hanging on the wall ,next to my bed, to love at my own reflection. A person stood before me, staring at my eyes, with no life on her and yes, I found, it was me, my own reflection, which sent shivers to my spine.

I sat on my armchair with my cute little violin, in a hope to play some songs, I loved the most. Deep in my heart I was trembling and shivering. I couldn’t find my lyrics, all were lost, keeping me blank, as if a blunt butchers knife had broken my skull and served my nerves.

Madly, I ran to the table to pick my pen, to scribble some words of my mind. I fought with me in search for words but my mind was blank, completely blank , with no words, no, not even a single word. I am so numb I cannot think. Pain and bitterness over whelmed me.

I stepped out of my den  to feel and love the bliss around me. The pavement seemed lonely with no beings and no murmerings. The steps beneath me began to shake as it would bury me, lively underneath. I did see the huge trees swaying in the strong wind which slowly developed to form a hurricane .

I ran back home, closed the doors behind me, cried loud at the top of my voice, to save me from this abys of emptiness. How I longed for someone to hear on me , but all were far far away from me.


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