Something I wrote to kill the immense pain caused due to the death of Jishnu Pranoy, a first year undergraduate Engineering student. His colleagues reveal that he was severely tortured by the faculty and college administration over an alleged attempt of malpractice in his first semester exams. He was found hanging, with veins cut and succumbed to death en route to the hospital.

Oh my son, I hear you , I feel you, I could see you standing at the crossroads, not knowing which  way to move.You were standing with your head hung down, bewildered, pleading for justice from cruel goons. Their mockery crushed your self esteem , the sudden tremor broke down your confidence, pushing you down into unending depth of uncertainty. I can feel the pain of your bruised soul . The pointing fingers  haunted you.  You lost your faith in humanity.  You longed for a world without humans.  I know you believed the safest place is  your  mothers womb or a world without humans.   But,  hey, why didn’t you stop for a moment to think about your Mom , who sees the Universe in you. Oh my son, how I wish I had the power to bring you back,  to show you  there are humans who’ll stand for you.  Your life is  worth a million times . It’s precious enough to live with your head held high.