Its high time to wish all my good friends in this beautiful world of blogging and to write something on resolutions for the year ahead. Sorry for the delay.

Beginning of 2012 was much inspiring and great resolutions were made by me and my husband, by setting a goal of reading  25 books,  within  12 months of the year. I started with much enthusiasm by collecting few books written by some of my favorite authors , but somewhere in the middle of the year I lost my route towards the goal. I had to give up my resolutions in the half way itself, by reading only four books , due to some personal reasons.  Some sort of misunderstanding occurred to a friend whom I count very close .  Ever  since I couldn’t turn  even a page of the books which I collected with much expectation. However I have no regrets, the four books which I read in the beginning of  last year were worth reading,  for a whole life time. My husband successfully reached his destination spot by reading 27 books , a bit more than the given target.

Of course 2012 was not a bad year, though. Family and relatives were of  great support. Its a great experience to be a part in the happiness and sorrows of all our dear and near ones. 

Another achievement of 2012 was my entry to this  beautiful world of blogging where I could explore new areas of thoughts and visions.    I am grateful beyond words,  that I did find my own space to share my thoughts and views, to reach out to people made up of every sort of personality, nearly every nationality and  a group bound together by similar visions.

This year, without much expectations and promises, started New Year as a normal day.  Of course, I feel like I need to get up and start moving on.  I mean, it is, but with no resolutions, no promises, only hope , thats all.

I have come up to reading again. I have gone many months without picking up a book, but now I can’t put one down.  I went on for too long never realizing that I had a  choice in matters and then I ended up stuck in a situation that brought a lot of discomfort.

We are all blessed in many ways, we just need to focus on positives, rather than negatives.

Right now I have chosen a book,  an  intriguing  pilgrim travelogue, ‘ DEVABHOOMIYILUDE  ‘ written by M. K. Ramachandran . The pilgrim spot is MOUNT KAILASH , a mountain in the Kinnaur district of the Indian state, Himachal Pradesh.  MOUNT KAILASH  of Kinnaur……. in mythology ,considered to be the winter abode of Lord Shiva.  The natural LINGAM  is 98 ft high and never covered with snow even when the entire mountains surrounding it have 30-40 ft snow in winters. Sun sets opposite to this mountain. The Kinnaur Kailash has a height of 6500 meters and is considered as sacred by both Hindus and Bhuddist.  One of my greatest wish is to ascend this pilgrim spot , atleast once in this life time.

Once again I wish all my friends a beautiful year ahead !